We Are No Glass Ceiling®

Inspiring & Empowering Entrepreneurs To Breakthrough Barriers And Build a FEARLESS Million Dollar Empire

Think Like A Customer

Our customers have made our business what it is, they are the ones we have a relationship with, and they are the ones we have an obligation to. We consider them to be loyal to us – and we are loyal to our clients.

We believe the best marketing strategy we have is helping our customers get results and change their lives for the better. The more people we help, and the higher the level of help we’re able to deliver, the more others will learn about us, trust us, and do business with us. So, as we introduce additional programs, we create a virtuous cycle that feeds the whole business. This is good for business and our clients.

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To help 1 million women & cool men breakthrough barriers to create a FEARLESS million dollar empire.


To help people realize their full human potential to grow and scale businesses, creating a ripple effect of their greatest impact & contribution in the world.

Our Driving Goal

To continue growing a sustainable $100 million company that helps entrepreneurs operate a simple, yet wildly profitable business through powerful sales and marketing strategies that are VALUE driven.

Our Greater Purpose

To have a positive measurable impact on the global economy & wealth creation through entrepreneurship.  We do this by providing an alternative education & success system that changes the way entrepreneurs learn, grow & scale so they make their greatest impact & contribution in the world.

Our Birth

It was the fall of 1985, a typical sunny Southern California day on my way to work in corporate.  After climbing the corporate ladder in Fortune 100 I often wondered why so many women and cool men struggled with sales, selling, dealmaking and speaking their truth.  A conversation I pondered in my mind all too often.

Being raised by a single mom with little means I sold avocados at the age of 9 to buy a pair of tennis shoes.  I really wanted these “Red Ball Jets”, they were like Chucks or Jack Purcell’s today.

With no money, my mom had a great idea.  Go to your Aunt’s house, pick avocado’s, put them in the wagon and go door to door to sell them so you can buy your shoes.  Wow, what a great idea!  So I did just that.  And Yes, I got my shoes.

I love sales, selling and dealmaking.  Yet I saw too many people struggled with mindset, sales and speaking their truth.  Scared to have their voice heard. Their commitment to average was heartbreaking.  My vision is to help 1 million women (and cool men) breakthrough barriers to create a FEARLESS million dollar empire.  And No Glass Ceiling® was born.   As I got ready to launch it, my mom (who believed in my vast vision) died in my arms from cancer, I was 8 months pregnant with my first son.  Devastated …  I put it on hold.

I went on to build several multi-million dollar companies and did everything EXCEPT what I was called to do.  I held No Glass Ceiling® hostage for over 20 years.  Putting it out there, pulling it back.  So many starts and stops.  I was Afraid.  What If I Failed?

Finally, I drew a line in the sand and on my mom’s birthday, January 9th in 2014 I made a choice.  The biggest decision of my life.  I would host an event and No Glass Ceiling® was born again – this time, never to be stopped. #BoldFearlessUnstoppable

One Year Later

The decision was simple, not easy.  I was continuously shattering my own glass ceiling.  The doubt on whether “it” would be successful.  I’m sure you’ve been there too right?  My greatest expertise in mindset, sales and scaling a business is my greatest joy to share with others and teach them how to create a profitable lifestyle business they love.

So on that day, January 9th my mom’s birthday, I wondered how this would unfold.  After speaking at and hosting over 2,000 live events, I decided I would produce the No Glass Ceiling® Women’s Conference.  There were 9 months.  Ironically, the exact time to birth a baby … my baby, No Glass Ceiling®.  Without any marketing, on pure energy and word of mouth the first No Glass Ceiling® event went live – and, on it’s own, we were in over 50 countries.  The company hit 7 figures the first year (well, 9 months).

People came from around the world, Europe, Netherlands, Australia, Nigeria and more.  There were attendees from nearly every state in the United States.  I was astounded.  They wanted to learn and grow.  They wanted to see a DREAM come to life.  They had watched my struggles and breakthroughs from a far, it was their time to SEE that Dreams Come True, it was their time to LIVE a Life With #NoGlassCeiling, it was their time to BELIEVE Their Own Dreams can become a reality.

Something Specially New

To continue with our premier success systems in sales, marketing and scaling to grow a million dollar empire there were many entrepreneurs that simply couldn’t access our high end programs and mentoring.  Committed to making a difference with our teachings via online, group coaching and mentoring along with a phenomenal in person live event – the powerful hybrid group coaching and mentoring program “Insider Success” was released.  In the first year, hundreds of entrepreneurs have added 6 figures per year (and 6 figures per month) to their businesses.

Through leveraged selling and in alignment with the No Glass Ceiling® vision we continue to help women and a few cool men breakthrough barriers and build a Fearless million dollar empire.

Building a FEARLESS Empire

Breaking through barriers, unleashing human potential and helping entrepreneurs create million dollar businesses is our relentless focus.  Whether you want to add 6 figures per year or per month (or more), you’re in the right place … at exactly the right time.  We continue to grow and help our clients do the same.  I’d be honored to help you.  — Kelly

Your Next Move

As a No Glass Ceiling® Member, you will belong to our larger community of high-caliber women from around the world!  This means you will have full access to all of our brand new Programs and Events through out the year!  You’re also invited to be on all live webinar masterclass trainings and live events to empower and expand you as a woman!

When It Comes To Business, I’m the most unlikely success story.  – Kelly Fidel

No one makes it alone. No one. I’ve helped tens of thousands of women (yes, and some cool men too) get clear on what’s important, create, grow and scale businesses to achieve those goals, master the art of sales and science of marketing, develop powerful, sustainable plans to ensure success and provide support along the way.

I am an ordinary woman … who lives an extraordinary life. And I can help you live one too.