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It’s Your Time To Build a Million Dollar Empire

“I’m proud to have created a socially conscious empire that touches millions. I believe people deserve to live the life they want on their terms, to call their own shots, and be WILDLY profitable. Whether that’s starting a business, leaving a bad boss or relationship, unlocking new profit channels, or scaling up an existing business. I’m committed to helping you break through barriers to Build a FEARLESS Empire”

Our Greater Purpose

Our greater purpose is to have a measurable and positive impact on the global economy & wealth creation through entrepreneurship.

We do this by providing an alternative education & success system that changes the way entrepreneurs learn, grow & scale so they make their greatest impact & contribution in the world.

We believe the best marketing strategy we have is helping our customers get results and change their lives for the better. The more people we help, the more others will learn about us, trust us, and do business with us.  This is good for business and for our clients.

We are relentless in our goals and those of our clients, community, and those we partner with.  Values matter as much as results.  


Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Premier Mentor – Founder of No Glass Ceiling® and The Powerhouse CEO®,  Kelly Fidel is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world to breakthrough barriers &  build a FEARLESS Million Dollar Empire. 

“I’m an ordinary woman … raised by a single mother with little money.  So, I began my sales mastery at the age of 9 where I sold avocados door-to-door to buy a pair of “Red Ball Jets” tennis shoes.  (a woman has got to have her shoes)!

I really wanted these “Red Ball Jets”, they were like Chucks or Jack Purcell’s today. With no money, my mom had a great idea.  Go to your Aunt’s house, pick avocados, put them in the wagon, and go door to door to sell them so you can buy your shoes.  Wow, what a great idea!  So I did just that.  I sold them for .25c each or 5 for $1.00 –And after looking in all those houses, meeting nice people and petting lots of dogs and cats … Yes, I got my shoes!


Kelly Fidel is the Founder of the leading business strategy and coaching company in North America,  No Glass Ceiling®.  Leveraging her own expertise to create a world-class, scalable, high accountability-driven coaching program in the industry, Kelly has changed the way entrepreneurs learn, grow & scale their business for their greatest profitability with total freedom.

Kelly has spoken at and hosted over 2,000 of her own live events and shared the stage with Suze Orman, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Sharon Lechter and C-Level executives from MGM Grand, Zappo’s and Google whom have also spoken at her events.

With a total of more than 35+ years of expertise, as a former Fortune 100 executive running billion-dollar sales divisions, Kelly successfully navigated the world of corporate deal-makers and boardrooms; negotiating against some of the most powerful men in the world for the win!

She went on to become an award-winning entrepreneur for the past 20+ years; she’s built several multi-million dollar businesses.


Along the way, Kelly saw too many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle in sales, business and life as their REAL dreams, hopes and desires became a faded memory.

Committed to making a difference for all entrepreneurs to grow and scale a highly profitable business, Kelly breaks down what she learned in the boardroom and billion-dollar scaling strategies to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere.

She has developed the “winning formula”; taking her own insider secrets for entrepreneurs to profit wildly.

With The Powerhouse Scale System™, you’ll create faster than usual breakthrough RESULTS.   Now, she’s shattering the revenue ceiling with the most powerful business mentoring designed for the massive impact that changes how you do business profitably.

Kelly shares her best-kept secrets, expertise and strategies on how to acquire dream clients, scale your business and create systems with smart marketing to leverage your time with total freedom.


In 2019 Kelly launched The Powerhouse CEO® the new, premier high-level, business mentoring for entrepreneurs to scale their business and generate 7- and 8-figure revenues.

Shattering the income and lifestyle ceiling that’s holding you back so you can create a million-dollar business is our relentless focus.  Whether you want to add 6 figures per year or per month (or more), you’re in the right place … at exactly the right time.

Kelly helps her clients increase revenues by over 500%+, monetize their expertise, create new programs, host profitable events, and more through business strategy, sales, systems, smart marketing and support.  We continue to grow and help our clients do the same.  I’d be honored to help you.

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Your Business Will NEVER Look The Same Again & Your Life Will Change Forever!

We strongly believe in giving back and contributing to others, this has always been a part of our greater good to the world.  Together, we make a difference.

No one makes it alone. No one.

We help entrepreneurs get clear on what’s important, grow and scale businesses with stunning results and change their family’s lives – with the right leveraged selling and smart marketing for a powerful, sustainable plan to ensure success.

I am an ordinary woman … who lives an extraordinary life. And I can help you live one too. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited about the journey ahead.

Let’s Scale Your Business Fast!

Learn how our clients are shattering the glass ceiling (in business and life) with The Powerhouse Scale System™ and adding $50K-$100K months to their business right now. With smart marketing and leveraged selling, discover how you can too – even if it seems out of reach right now.