When marketing to women, consider the following tips in order to see the success and results you desire. I’m mean …come one … we’re WOMEN (unless you’re a man reading this 🙂 and are we catering to our OWN Market?  Here’s some tips….

1. Don’t look at women as a ‘niche’ market in any way, at any time. Women make over 85% of the purchase decisions as consumers and are the primary consumers in the U.S. They even influence more than 95% of all goods and services purchased. Women are top consumer purchasers but they’re business spending is reaching $8 trillion; female business owners spend close to $2 trillion on purchases for their businesses.

2. Remember that women don’t think like men. It’s important to understand your audience when it comes to marketing, so if you’re marketing to women, it won’t be the same as if you were marketing to men. Men’s thought patters are in linear fashion while women think in circuits and are programmed to be a collector of information. Something you may not know; the female brain has four times as many connections between right and left hemispheres than a man’s.  This means, the many signals go straight to her brain, where she stores emotional memories, her intuition and her past experiences. If a woman is reading something, she’s attaching her feelings to the words; not simply reading just to read. Women’s hearts are also in their brains so when marketing to women it’s important to tell a story that has the right amount of emotion, while explaining why your brand is the right choice for her.

3. Be Real, Not Fake. Some marketers will attempt to make shortcuts by ‘dressing up’ a campaign with female colors and topics, but it won’t work. Women today know what a men’s piece cloaked to appeal to women looks like and they won’t take a second glance at it. On the contrary, they want to find solid, legitimate information that is easy to comprehend and use, a company with awesome customer service and brands that really want them as consumers; who aren’t afraid to build a relationship based on the woman’s interest, identity and any problems she’s looking to solve.

4. Age Doesn’t Matter All the Time. It’s not uncommon for marketers to target the female audience based on age. However, this is somewhat of a mistake if you wish for your marketing efforts to be successful. No matter a woman’s age, she’s going to respond to marketing tactics that relate to her in her stage of life, not her age. In today’s world, women are having babies at age 40 instead of really young and starting brand new career paths well into their 50’s, dating again at age 60, and so on. Marketers need to pay attention to this and direct their marketing efforts based on a woman’s stage of life, tailoring their messages accordingly in order to get results.

5. Women Are Primary Online Users. The majority of web users are women who visit the websites of companies, take part in different forums and discussion boards, read many blogs and listen to podcasts. As marketers, it’s important to interact with consumers online and continue it ‘offline’ as well. Women, unlike men, will also take more time to really study, dissect and interpret marketing messages in a way that allows them to share it with others.

6. Women’s Boomer Market: Never Underestimate the Power of It. There is a whole lot of purchasing power within the women’s boomer market and marketers are slowly starting to be aware of this. The women’s boomer market think, live, and behave differently than generations before them. Behold the generation who reinvents and rediscovers life and all it has to offer on their own terms; not by someone else’s standards. Women in the boomer’s market prefer to have it all; adventure, style, security and most of all, respect.

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Are You Tired of WASTING Time With Suspects Instead of Prospects?

Are You’re READY to Build a REAL business & Land High Paying Clients, Corporations and Highly Driven Serious People That Want Your Services?!

Discover HOW To Land High Paying Clients + Close The Deal in 18 Minutes or Less. (you can take longer if you want to). This is the EXACT System I Use Today to Land 6 Figure and 7 Figure Deals … AND How I Get Billion Dollar Companies To HOST Me and My Clients for our Masterminds.

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