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Kelly Fidel,  talks to Phyllis James, Chief Diversity Officer of MGM Resorts, about diversity in procurement and positioning your business to get and retain clients.  This was a great fireside chat done live at the No Glass Ceiling Conference.

“Just the fact that you’re women-owned is not persuasive enough. If it was at one time, it no longer is. There are many women-owned businesses out there and there’s keen competition.” –Phyllis James

Kelly sits down with her friend, Dallas Hogensen, VP of Sales at Lyft, about why sales evoke an emotional response, the importance of identifying a company’s core values, and book recommendations.

“I have this theory called The Lego Theory, which is that little chunks of time motivates big results.” –Dallas Hogensen


What Others Say

“Leadership and Business by a Woman Who Knows Best… on how to scale your business. Kelly brings to the table the hard facts about growing a business and she gives the secrets that no one else will tell you because it’s never easy, it’s always simple.” – Jolie

The Powerhouse CEO® speaks with Ann Farrell, Founder of Quantum Endeavors. Ann shares what she’s learned from her decades in the corporate world before leaving to start her own business. They discuss negotiation, challenges Ann has faced, advice for coaches, and more.

“If we’re not having fun and it’s our own business, then we should just go get another corporate gig. That’s not why we’re here. That’s not why we chose to do it differently.” –Ann Farrell

Kelly Fidel speaks with Jackie Insinger, CEO and Founder of ‘Insinger Insight’. Jackie brings her expertise in cognitive psychology interpersonal dynamics to the business world as a sought-after Executive and Team Dynamics Coach. She helps leaders and teams focus on their unique strengths and authentic connection. Jackie shares her views on ‘How Great Leaders Become Extraordinary’.

“We take on secondhand stress and we also take on positive emotion.” – Jackie Insinger

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