Private VIP Access

Spend a day with Kelly in Newport Beach


Spend a day with Kelly in Newport Beach, and together we will focus solely on your business. You will have her undivided attention for a full day of inspiration, strategy, and implementation to feel the power of having our eyes on your business for the day


I Can Help You Work Less, Make More and
Create a Leveraged Profitable Lifestyle You Love.

The VIP Private Day is for business owners and entrepreneurs that desire a highly targeted, customized solution with a very high level of individual attention and confidentiality in your working arrangement.

Your driver will bring you to our private meeting space fully prepared for a day of orchestrated mastermind working  for your business (complete with nibbles, bubbles, and copious amounts of flip chart notes).

In the morning, we’ll explore the individual challenges and opportunities facing your business at this time. We’ll discuss revenue, profits, monetization, scaling, team-building and any other particulars of your business’ past, present, and future.

After breaking for a refreshing lunch and a little fresh air, we’ll spend the afternoon identifying your next steps and ensuring you know exactly how to achieve your biggest goals.

By the time we finish, you will have an entirely new outlook on your business, your plans, your goals, and your unique path to achieve them.

If you are ready to catapult your success quickly, you’ll want to immerse yourself in a Private VIP Day Experience with Kelly.

Imagine spending an entire day in a boardroom with Kelly and a giant flip-chart wall where the focus is 100% on you, your dreams, your purpose, your profit and the exact next steps necessary to shift into your next level.  This full-day is one-on-one with just you and Kelly mapping out your business, brand and strategy. In addition to working with you on mindset, marketing, sales and scaling your business – Kelly will also deep dive with you into creating your 12 month plan.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive immediate lifetime access to the Insider Success™ Academy and ongoing coaching and training mastermind with live events.

The Investment

The investment for a private full-day with Kelly is expensive and worth every dollar.   Installments are available.  You’ll walk away refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility in your business.

The Experience

You’ll enjoy a luxury 5 star experience and lunch with Kelly.  This will be a chance to continue your learning, ask behind the scenes questions, and to brainstorm new possibilities.

The Strategy

Our goal is to help you with exactly what your business needs. Every session will be entirely unique, but we will begin with a full business assessment to identify opportunities, challenges, monetization, scaling, team building, and more.