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On-Demand Learning for Entrepreneurs

What is The Powerhouse Series?

The Powerhouse Series is our exclusive family of online digital programs specifically designed for women business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready for simplified growth, using their knowledge and expertise to leverage their time and scale with smart marketing and automations without overwhelm, confusion and wasted time.

The Powerhouse Entrepreneur®

Why Just Learn Information…When You Can Get ACCESS

If you want to take your business online beyond where it is today… without spending countless hours jamming your calendar getting 1:on:1 clients – sorting through more dead-end digital programs, The Powerhouse Entrepreneur® might be exactly what you need.

Not only will you have a completely online process with smart marketing and automated systems that creates clients like clockwork… You’ll also get direct access to Kelly Fidel so you can get the answers when you need them to acquire dream clients right now.

And rather than wasting time trying to figure it out on your own…simply use the “winning formula” Kelly uses to create a sustainable business with total freedom.

The Powerhouse CEO®

The Powerhouse CEO® is premium business coaching for established businesses wanting to scale.

If you’re looking for a high-touch service to help you hit $100k months, then this is the program for you. As a Powerhouse CEO®, you will have virtual access to Kelly, committed to helping you achieve more in less time. To find out more about this program and apply to become a Powerhouse CEO, click below to talk with us.

You Will Experience

To scale your business and create your best life, content is not enough — you need ACCESS to a powerful mentor, like Kelly Fidel, with a proven track record that is focused ONLY on you in a full immersion environment.   This is exactly how The Powerhouse Series of programs all work and have helped our clients achieve the kind of results quickly that would have taken them years if they’d been left on their own.



Information is not enough.  You need ACCESS.  Work with Kelly every month personally on live video conference Q&A Calls, during virtual implementation meetings and have her powerful insights, mentorship and support.


We have developed a system in The Ultimate Sales Edge and our other coursework to powerfully change what you need for simplified growth to scale your business with smart automation that creates results.


It’s hard to change your business and life on your own, surrounded by the same people and things.   Our community of like-minded entrepreneurs are here to learn and collaborate while making a difference.

You are ready to build, grow & scale your Coaching or Consulting business and achieve next-level success – without sacrificing your lifestyle.

“Doubled my revenue the FIRST month with a results oriented plan!”

In one hour with Kelly I was crystal clear on what I needed to do to move my business forward. She listens intently, and asks the right questions, which lead me to making clear and purpose driven decisions.

Kelly helped me to focus and prioritize my next steps to launching a new program, hosting a live event, and doubling my revenue with an actionable and results oriented plan. If you want to make a massive leap in your business, you need to hire her!

“I’ve created 2 companies and scaled both of them, closed 6 figure clients and I never knew how to sell, what a mastermind was or how to start and grow a business.  Now I have a 7 figure business model with lots of clients and quit my day job”.

I want to share with you all the magic that can happen when Kelly Fidel is your mentor!

I entered a contest for startup companies and spent countless hours preparing my virtual 5 min pitch with Kelly’s guidance, after waiting over a month for the results… I MADE IT! Chosen as one of the top 12 companies out of thousands!

This opportunity puts me in front of thousands of decision makers in my field, it’s a huge opportunity.

This is such an honor and much thanks to Kelly ❤️❤️ without her guidance this would be a different outcome.

Our Programs are For You If…


You’re Ready To Monetize Your Expertise

You are ready to leverage your expertise into a leveraged selling model and online course – with total freedom.  And you need a solid program with the coaching to solidify your success.

You’re Ready To Scale 

You are ready to grow or scale your business and achieve next-level success – without sacrificing your lifestyle.  And you need a solid plan and system, with the guidance to back it up for success.

You Work Too Hard

You feel you should be further along by now and know it’s in your reach, if you just had a system and the right formula. Because working harder doesn’t work long term.

Your Sales & Marketing is Unpredictable

Your marketing is manual with inconsistent revenue, you know selling creates cashflow – but  You need the right predictable system that brings you new clients anytime.

You Need a Business Coach

You are ready to draw a line in the sand and get the support you need. Now is your time to shift from entrepreneur to a results-driven Powerhouse Entrepreneur.  You know now is your time!


Kelly is fantastic! The training and content she offers is smart, well crafted and thoughtful. I have been in business for many years, attended many trainings, participated in masterminds, and sat in on many workshops. While many coaches hope to affect business owners, Kelly does it better in half the time. What Kelly offers is truly one of a kind and is probably the best training I’ve ever experienced. Her content is really amazing and thorough.

She offers smart advice, guidance and principles for new entrepreneurs entering the business arena, while catering to and challenging seasoned entrepreneurs to new heights. Kelly genuinely cares for her clients and cares about their success. In the short time working with her, I have already landed another big fish and can’t wait to see the end results. Thanks Kelly for your Midas touch! You are the real deal(maker)!

“Because of Kelly’s coaching, in only 30 days I created a new business model, doubled my fees, and landed new clients worth $20,000 and 60 days later created $100,000 annual revenue stream with a new company!”

My digital marketing company was generating in the six figures annually and growing. Working with Kelly helped me realize the company I was building, wasn’t what I really wanted! In just 30 days Kelly guided me in creating a new business model.

I was able to double my existing fees and landed clients worth $20,000. In 60 days we had created a $100,000 annual revenue stream with the new company. I’ve been asked to JV a number of projects, and we’re just getting started. Listen to Kelly, do what she says and deals will happen.

As the proclaimed “Dealmaker,” I could not think of a better person to support me as I continue to grow my M&A consulting practice than Kelly Fidel.

She is brilliant, and I feel blessed to have someone with her level of expertise in my corner. Kelly’s innovative trainings around selling and building client relationships have been extremely valuable. She is a strategic powerhouse with a huge heart.Kelly is that compassionate support that sees my brilliance and my potential when I am not able to see it with my own eyes.

I have invested in many mentors through the years and by far, Kelly is the best investment I ever made. I recommend her to any heart-centered driven entrepreneur who is ready to take their business to the next level.

“…In the first month of working with Kelly, I had more powerful and exciting results than all through last year… she is the key element to my success.” 
Already in my first month of working with Kelly, I had more powerful and exciting results than all through last year. Like a pro, she helped me tie up the loose ends in my business, double my prices TWICE in four months and she is the key element to my success. I’m so grateful for this opportunity; I get to work with amazing people, helping them turn their journey, expertise, pain, wisdom, teachings and inspiration into an empowering book.

Let’s Scale Your Business Fast